Thursday, October 2, 2008

Almost Time to Go!

Okay, I am counting down the hours now until I leave! I finished a swimsuit coverup this morning! I made Kwik Sew 2775, with some fabric from the evil fabric queen! It turned out quite cute. This is going to get me off on another subject, but I always have some idea in my mind of the what the material I purchase could be used for. This time I didn't have anything in my growing stash designated "swimsuit coverup", so I just started rummaging through. I narrowed it down to two contenders and got some opinions and started cutting! I love being able to go to my stash like a fabric store right in my own home! I blame the evil fabric queen for most of my stash. Actually, if I hadn't of stumbled upon her yahoo group one day about a year ago, who knows if I would still be sewing right now. I was getting very disappointed in local fabric store offerings and the local fabric store patterns. Joining fabric and notions one late night, opened up a world of sewing to me! Now, many boxes and crates of fabric (stuffed in the depths of my hall closet where no one goes) later, I feel like I have my own fabric store to shop from for the multitudes of patterns (from BWOF) that I want to make! What a rant that was! Anyhow, my suitcases are packed (with new swimsuits and coverup) and I am ready to go!