Sunday, January 10, 2010

Simplicity 5276 American Girl!

I received all of the American Girl patterns that I ordered just after Christmas! I love the fact that there is only one size and that I can actually cut up the pattern rather than tracing first!! Silly, I know, but it is a lot of work getting a new pattern ready for material to be cut! I took two of the six patterns and cut up the sheets getting all the little pieces ready to be placed on material and cut (I actually cut out a lot of them, rather than just getting them roughly there, why....I don't know!). There are probably about 40 pieces in each envelope! I asked my dd to pick a pattern and she picked the leopard looking ones below. As always, my younger dd thinks that it will (or should) look exactly like it does on the envelope (actually, my dh is like that too....). So, I searched into my stash and found something pretty darn close! It was a pink leopard print leftover from a halloween costume I made for my older dd when she was 2. So, here is Alexis! My dd loves that name and that is the name she gave her doll! She is in a two piece pajama set. And, it actually fits her pretty well. This is a plush fabric so, I spent the time to pin well, because it moves on you. I probably spent about 1 1/2 hours sewing up this outfit for the little girl. More time than I thought it would take, but I did spend a lot of time pinning. Anyhow, it was interesting how most of the outfit is put together in the flat, unlike how we are used to sewing our clothes. The neckband, the arm and leg bands and the waistband on the pants, were all put on in the flat and then the last seam sewn up after the addition of the bands. I used little pieces of velcro for the the closure of the back of the shirt. I probably need to add more, because it pulls open a little (but then again, this is a doll outfit....).
My kitty found her pretty interesting too.....
So, one outfit completed! I have a few more cut out and ready to go! We'll see if I have any time today to get to it! :)
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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Done but no picture...

Well, I keep waiting to get a picture of the leggings (the new jalie pattern), but they keep getting into the laundry before I get a pic! I actually finished these up on New Year's Day. I made a pair for each of my dd's and a pair for me. It took me an hour to sew and hem up all three pairs! Very quick and very comfortable! I love my pair! I wouldn't wear them out of the house except under a skirt, but around the house, I put them on to exercise and to lounge or sleep in. The girls have worn theirs under long shirts and over their gymnastic suits. I am sure more of these are coming in the future! I should be getting my patterns for the American Girl today or tomorrow. I am kind of excited, because I am sort of at a stand still as to what to sew right now. I don't seem to be very inspired by very much. Not enough to actually trace out a pattern. I thought maybe searching in my stash would bring inspiration, but that didn't work out either. I want to be sewing, though. Hopefully, this will soon pass!