Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Swimsuits in the making

I have started on two new swimsuits for my girls (1 each). I am using ks 2884 (oop now). I am making view A for both of them. I am about half way done, I am up to the elastic insertion stage. Hopefully, I will finish up tomorrow. I have to take some of their measurements for the leg elastic and the bottom band of the top and the top band of the bottoms. My older dd is sensitive to the elastic being too tight (read pain in my a$$ here....) and my younger dd is so tiny that the standard measurements given are too big for her. I was really bummed to see that this pattern was oop! I was thinking that next year I would have to get the larger size up(8-12). I never understand why kids patterns don't call for lining?? I hate to see little girl swimsuits creeping into their privates! Needless to say, I lined the bottoms completely and the top front.
Here are a couple of preview pictures:

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another Tank....

Here is another version of Ottobre 2/2009 Tank Top! It is amazing the different results with different fabrics! This one is soo much looser than the previous version! I made this one out of Siltex cotton interlock. I almost needed to go down a size. I debated taking it in a little on the side seams, but looking at the picture it doesn't look bad so I think I won't. This time I decided to cut the straps to the width of the binders and eyeballed it and cut them a little narrow and so it didn't fold under nicely is a couple of areas. I know I am the only one who will notice that though. It is something for home and boating on the river anyhow!
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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ottobre 2/2009 Tank Top

I cut this out traced off this pattern and cut it out Friday night, then this morning stitched it up! It would have been super fast if I didn't decide to try my binders. This is really the first thing I have used my binders for, so there was a bit of learning curve there.....some ripping out and redoing. I think I have learned them now though! I am ready to try another tank top! I will mark the straps next time, this time I tried to wing it and wound up with one being 5.25" long and one 7.25" long! Whoops! More ripping and redoing! Even with all the ripping and redoing, this didn't take very long. I used a lavendar "sophia knit". This is the first time I have ever bought or used this fabric. I am pretty happy with it. Not too stretchy, great recovery. Here is the picture (please ignore the wide expanse, the addidas sign showing through the tank top in the middle and the uniboob due to the sports bra!).

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Photo Shoot Jalie 2792

As promised, here are some pictures! I got my little dd into her suit for a photo shoot. Not the older one, but you get the gist since the suits are identical except for size! The only alteration I did to the suit was the back clasp. It called for a swimsuit hook and I used little eye hooks instead. Mostly because I had them and wanted to finish, but also because that area seemed wider than would fit a swimsuit hook, so I am not sure how that would have worked. I also custom fit the leg elastic because I have found that their leg elastic measurements tend to run small. As you can see my dd isn't very big and doesn't have very big legs, but the one time I used the elastic according to the pattern, both girls complained their suits were too tight. I actually increased her elastic measurement by an 1 1/2". I barely had to stretch it to fit the leg hole. Good fit though!

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

I finished something!

Do you hear the horns of triumph! I can not believe how long it has taken me to finish these two gymnastic suits. Now that I am done, I must admit that the choice of fabric for the top may not have been a good one. The sparkly dots on it will be itchy and scratchy (which is a huge no in my older daughter's eyes!). I actually spent the time to trim off the sparkly dots everywhere on the inside of the garments. Yes, that took a long time and was tedious. Yes, I did cut through the fabric a couple of times and had to mend it up. They have both tried them on, but not for long enough to get pictures. I suppose Monday gymnastics will have to be photo day! Here is a picture of the finished garment sans the cute model. The two suits look the same just different sizes. I hope they like them and don't complain about being scratchy! So what is on the agenda? I am not even sure since these took me soooo looonnngggg to make, I can't even possibly remember what I was excited about and even if I still am! Something to think about!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Still nothing

I still have nothing to post on my sewing blog. I started to finish the gymnastic suits over the weekend and after sewing the top portion to the bottom portion wrong (front to back and back to front), and having to cut it out.....I lost interest. There it lies. I have many things interesting me right now. I want to make some summer outfits for the kids, I want some tank tops, swimming suits still on the agenda. No motivation right now though! I know it will come, just don't know when! I decided to subscribe to Ottebre and I received my free gift issue which was the latest women's issue. It had some cute tops and capris that interested me. I really want to make the tank top. Dawn made it and it was really cute! Well, not much else to report sewing wise. On the weight loss front, I am down 8 pounds! Yeah! It makes me not want to make much for myself because it won't be the right size for long! :) I still need some summer wear though!