Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Swimsuits in the making

I have started on two new swimsuits for my girls (1 each). I am using ks 2884 (oop now). I am making view A for both of them. I am about half way done, I am up to the elastic insertion stage. Hopefully, I will finish up tomorrow. I have to take some of their measurements for the leg elastic and the bottom band of the top and the top band of the bottoms. My older dd is sensitive to the elastic being too tight (read pain in my a$$ here....) and my younger dd is so tiny that the standard measurements given are too big for her. I was really bummed to see that this pattern was oop! I was thinking that next year I would have to get the larger size up(8-12). I never understand why kids patterns don't call for lining?? I hate to see little girl swimsuits creeping into their privates! Needless to say, I lined the bottoms completely and the top front.
Here are a couple of preview pictures:

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Tanya said...

Too cute. Love your tank tops too, nice colors.