Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Still nothing

I still have nothing to post on my sewing blog. I started to finish the gymnastic suits over the weekend and after sewing the top portion to the bottom portion wrong (front to back and back to front), and having to cut it out.....I lost interest. There it lies. I have many things interesting me right now. I want to make some summer outfits for the kids, I want some tank tops, swimming suits still on the agenda. No motivation right now though! I know it will come, just don't know when! I decided to subscribe to Ottebre and I received my free gift issue which was the latest women's issue. It had some cute tops and capris that interested me. I really want to make the tank top. Dawn made it and it was really cute! Well, not much else to report sewing wise. On the weight loss front, I am down 8 pounds! Yeah! It makes me not want to make much for myself because it won't be the right size for long! :) I still need some summer wear though!


Tanya said...

8 lbs! That's great, you can't do everything at the same time maybe you're focusing on the weight, you'll get back to sewing. Keep up the good work but don't beat yourself if you slip up, it's an on going process. I ate an entire strawberry cheesecake last week and I'm paying for it this week.

judy said...

Thanks and you made me laugh!!

window dressing said...

That is so great. When I am in between sizes I sew accessories for myself. Congrats!!!