Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Some Inspiration Please!

I don't know what I want to make. There I said it. Hmmmmm.
I have reading blogs for an hour now and I am still stumped. I have seen lots of great creations, but I am not inspired. I read the latest sew news magazine and I am still not inspired. I have sewn for my girls alot lately and not for me or dh, so maybe it is time for a switch. I am not sure what I need....or want right now. It is long sleeve shirt weather and I could use a new long sleeve black t-shirt. That would be a quick pick me up. A jalie 2005 with a round neck and long sleeves. That could work. I have some nice black siltex knit t-shirt material in my stash (thank you evil fabric queen!). My dh also saw the black knit and commented that he needed a black short sleeve shirt for under casual button up shirts. I don't have a pattern for that though....any recommendations?? I am laughing to myself, because I think I am the only one who reads this....once in awhile I have another viewer.....but only maybe one! :)
I was also thinking that I wanted to make dh a new button up shirt. I got this pattern from kwik sew (3484).
He also mentioned that he wanted some new boxers....I am not sure if I want to yet though! I did buy this pattern a while back however.....kwik sew 3298. Getting cool looking waistband elastic is a task though. There is one person on e-bay that has a yahoo group as well that sells some stuff, and that is about all I have found that I like!
Creepy looking picture! Oh well, I am getting tired so off for now. Maybe more inspiration will hit later!

Friday, January 16, 2009

The rest of my sweatshirts

Here are my pink fleece sweatshirts with the pink sherpa under the arms and on one of the sweatshirts sleeves near the cuff.
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Here are my sweatshirt pictures

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Going to the Cold!

I love living in San Diego. I also love to ski, so sometimes I need to leave our weather heaven to venture to the cold to get some snow sports in! We are planning a trip to mammoth lakes to get some skiing in! So, I will have to tuck away my short sleeve t-shirts and pull out my warm weather gear! In preparation, I made everyone some fleece socks from stretch power fleece, then I made my dd each two sweatshirts. The first was out of the same stretch power fleece that is a deep purple color. I embroidered Cars characters onto both of them with the girls' names. The second sweatshirt was made out of pink sweatshirt fleece with a stripe under the arm of coordinating pink sherpa fleece and coordinating pink ribbing for the sleeve cuffs, waistband, and the neckband. I embroidered the word "San Diego" in the same color pink on the fronts of both sweatshirts. I am pretty happy with how everything turned out. I had one blunder doing the sleeves of the older dd sweatshirt. I cut them too short because I measured the length from the younger dd sweatshirt. Anyhow, I added some of the pink sherpa fleece near the cuffs to make up for what I cut off and my dh couldn't even tell I screwed up! Ta Da!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

What did I make in 2008?

Well, I am going to have to think a minute about this.....I guess I should go backwards. For christmas presents I made 4 tops. Before that I made 4 pairs of pj pants, 4 gymnastic leotards. I made a swimsuit coverup, 5 swimsuits for me, 5 swimsuits for each of my 2 daughters. I made 2 buttonup shirts for my dh. I made each of my dd a nightie. I made them each a pair of knit capris with matching top. I made them each a fleece sweatshirt and one a matching fleece hat. I made them each a cute kitty print t-shirt. Two halloween costumes. I made my dh a pair of thermal top and bottoms. I made myself 2 pairs of capris and 1 pair of stretch pants. I made a knit shirt for a friend and one for my mom. I made myself probably about 10 knit shirts (I am too tired to count) and 1 woven shirt with collar. Okay, so the tally is: Knit shirts: 22 Woven shirts: 3 Pants: 5 Swimsuits: 15 Leotard: 4 Coverup: 1 Hat:1 Thermals (top/bottom set): 1 PJ/Nightie: 6 Costumes: 2 That makes a grand total of 60 items this year! Wow....that is more than I expected! I guess that tallies out to about 1 a week. On the embroidery side of things, I was a little slower this year: I embroidered custom baby bibs for friends having babies too ( I bought the bibs already made and added a design and the baby's name). I did 13 of those this year. I helped out a friend with a logo on a shirt. I did a little embroidery on one of the sweatshirts I made for dd. I did 4 towels for my downstairs bathroom with our family name and a design. My new sewing acquisitions this year were my babylock evolve wave (which I absolutely love, love, love!), and many feet for the machine. Oh yeah, and too much fabric! Have I already mentioned that I am going to actively try and reduce my fabric accumulation this year! I want to try and start to do reviews for the things I sew this year....time though.....time........ So, I have not sewn anything yet this year. But tonight I traced off the pattern for the fleece socks from jalie 2448 in 4 sizes. I hope to be making these soon. Very soon.