Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween and a project!

Happy Halloween!! I spent most of the day carving pumpkins! Here are a couple I did and a couple my dd's did: Here are 5 more - My older dd did the one on the right by herself and I did the others.....did I mention that I spent a lot of the day carving pumpkins??
Here is my sewing project that I finished up after carving the pumpkins and cleaning the mess and roasting pumpkin seeds......
These are the same pattern as the pink ones in the last post....Ottobre 6/2009-17 "neat beat" pants. I added the machine embroidery to the leg.
Here is a closer picture of the embroidery, it is from Embroidery Library:
Bad lighting shot....oh are the finished pants!
Have a haunting Halloween! And get an extra hour of sleep tonight!!!!
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Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Neat Beat" Pants

Here is Ottobre 6/2009 - 17, they call them their "Neat Beat" pants. I used a bottom weight knit that I got from Chez Ami 's clearance fabric for $3.50/yard. It is not too stretchy and very stable. The pattern called for a stretchy denim or corduroy. This seemed to work just fine! The pattern is labeled slim, but I didn't add any to the normal size I cut for her, in fact, I forgot to add my seam allowance in some of the leg seams as I was cutting out! These were easy and fast and I think she likes them. I like the yoke in the front. I added topstitching in the butt seam....needed reinforcement!
They have a little bit of elastic at the back waist, forgot to get that into the picture! I hope to be making some more of these pants, they were easy, they look nice and she likes to wear pants that are "soft" as she calls them (jeans are not soft!).
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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My first Ever!

Creativ Blog Award!
Thank you to JC for nominating me! I have finally gotten a few minutes to do this!

Here are seven things you don't know about me. Here we go:

  1. I love to cook and eat!
  2. I hate cleaning house and do it as little as possible!
  3. I have a Bachelor's and a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering.
  4. I grew up overseas (Guam, Korea, Philippines, Hong Kong).
  5. My favorite country that I have visited was Austria.
  6. I am a libra.
  7. I love to snow ski (and the apres ski afterwards)!

Thank You JC!

Here are seven blogs that I nominate!

  1. Renee Always makes beautiful stuff!!
  2. Dawn I can always count on something fun to read! She sews more than anyone else!!!
  3. Angie I love to read her blog, it has such charm!
  4. Trina She has always intrigued me with all her wonderful dresses and I love the photo shoots! First blog I started to follow!
  5. Cidell I always get a laugh and I love the other stuff I learn! Second blog I started to follow!
  6. Christine I love the stuff she makes!
  7. Debbie I always am learning something new from her blogs!

Okay! I did it....that was a lot of work! I am going to be lazy and not write to each person to let them know I have nominated them (and that is also the introvert in me....).....if you actually read my blog and see your name, Congrats!!! Carry on the tradition, and let us know about you!!!

I'll be reading you later!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkins and projects!

Two girls in a sea of pumpkins! These photos are of the pumpkin patch at a farm close by, we go every year for activities and pumpkins! She found hers!
We were there with some friends....
The girls were so cute posing for their picture!
And on to projects! This is a close-up of the owl applique I put onto their t-shirts to wear with their leggings.... I made a shirt and leggings for both of the girls.
Here is the outfit. I wish I got them while they were wearing them.....instead I pulled them out of the dirty clothes to shoot a picture!
They looked super cute on them.....unfortunately, the pants I don't think are going to make it much longer without some work. The knit is pulling holes in it at the butt seam on both of the girls pants. I stitched them again inside of where they were pulling and they just pulled more. I was thinking that I could fuse some knit stablilizer to the seam.....if that doesn't work I guesss they get to go to the donation bin or garbage! I finally got my zipper last week. Remember how I had the perfect color and not the right length? I ordered up the right length, and decidedly got the wrong color! I don't know what I was thinking......I put it in anyway. My dh reminded me that it will be outgrown in a few months anyhow! Hmfph....
I like it still though. I will make this pattern again.
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Friday, October 16, 2009

Jalie 2795 jacket progress

Here is some progress shots of my jalie 2795 jacket for my older dd.

My zipper I had in stash is the perfect color! Not the right length......bummer!! I ordered the right length in the same color from the zipper stop online (plus a few more for stash to make up for the $3.95 shipping charges).

There is a hood to be sewn and put on still and the cuffs for the sleeves. There is a lot of top stitching in this jacket. It went fast though. The cuffs are out of the pink sherpa too. The hood is out of the main fabric.

So, I will put together the hood and put on the cuffs, then I will have to wait for my zipper! Maybe I will get to find my owl fabric.......
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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Watcha workin' on?

I am finding very little sewing time right now.....not sure why.....just busy busy busy with the kids right now! My little one is very demanding of my time lately....she used to play with her toys in her room next to me while I would sew, now she wants me to play chase, do a puzzle with her, have a tea party with her, play ball with her......I love it, but it means less sewing time! So, anyhow, I managed to squeeze in some pattern tracing and cutting (and there it lays next to my sewing machine). I pulled out Jalie 2795 and traced a size K for my older dd.

I am using some of my hilco fabric intermixed with some pink sherpa for the design.

After I get that one done, I am determined to pull out a knit I purchased last year - it is black with little owls on it, Perfect for Halloween! I can see little leggings and a cute orange top (yes I have orange interlock knit in stash) with an owl applique on top. Do you think I can get it done in time for dd's to wear before Halloween??!!??

Stay tuned as I find time to get everything sewn up!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

An angel at last!

Here she is! Hot off the presses, my angel......
She really likes the costume. I think it is very cute on her.
Don't you like the wings? Of course those I purchased! There is a cape that goes with this, I am debating whether or not to sew it up. I probably will, don't know if she will wear it with the dress or not. This was a pretty straightforward pattern. I made a few changes, such as machine stitching the marabou boas on rather than doing it by hand. I made a size 7 and I had to cut 8" off of the length and put in a couple of pleats in the front at the neckline. I forget how large the big 4 patterns tend to run....I usually avoid them. Don't know if the zipper in the back was truly needed......the marabou took away the stretchiness at the neckline. I imagine it would have worked without the zipper, but I decided to conform and use their instructions.
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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Halloween is on its way...

Well, I must admit that I haven't touched any sewing for over a week now. However, I have started the planning stages of a Halloween costume for my older dd! My younger dd has decided she wants to be a puppy and use older dd's old Halloween costume from 3 years ago (score!....only one new Halloween costume to make this year!). My older dd decided she wants to be an angel this year (I wish she were an angel all year.......). I found this pattern, Simplicity 2861 and am making view D:
I purchased some angel wings and a halo online to go along with the costume. She picked a white stretch crushed velour for the dress and a white sheer with halographic dots on it for the cape. I purchased white marabou boas for the the trim on the dress and the cape. This is my project for the week! Wish me luck on finding time! :)