Friday, October 16, 2009

Jalie 2795 jacket progress

Here is some progress shots of my jalie 2795 jacket for my older dd.

My zipper I had in stash is the perfect color! Not the right length......bummer!! I ordered the right length in the same color from the zipper stop online (plus a few more for stash to make up for the $3.95 shipping charges).

There is a hood to be sewn and put on still and the cuffs for the sleeves. There is a lot of top stitching in this jacket. It went fast though. The cuffs are out of the pink sherpa too. The hood is out of the main fabric.

So, I will put together the hood and put on the cuffs, then I will have to wait for my zipper! Maybe I will get to find my owl fabric.......
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