Thursday, October 15, 2009

Watcha workin' on?

I am finding very little sewing time right now.....not sure why.....just busy busy busy with the kids right now! My little one is very demanding of my time lately....she used to play with her toys in her room next to me while I would sew, now she wants me to play chase, do a puzzle with her, have a tea party with her, play ball with her......I love it, but it means less sewing time! So, anyhow, I managed to squeeze in some pattern tracing and cutting (and there it lays next to my sewing machine). I pulled out Jalie 2795 and traced a size K for my older dd.

I am using some of my hilco fabric intermixed with some pink sherpa for the design.

After I get that one done, I am determined to pull out a knit I purchased last year - it is black with little owls on it, Perfect for Halloween! I can see little leggings and a cute orange top (yes I have orange interlock knit in stash) with an owl applique on top. Do you think I can get it done in time for dd's to wear before Halloween??!!??

Stay tuned as I find time to get everything sewn up!

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Tanya said...

I bet you'll find time. I'm working on lots of stuff.