Sunday, October 11, 2009

An angel at last!

Here she is! Hot off the presses, my angel......
She really likes the costume. I think it is very cute on her.
Don't you like the wings? Of course those I purchased! There is a cape that goes with this, I am debating whether or not to sew it up. I probably will, don't know if she will wear it with the dress or not. This was a pretty straightforward pattern. I made a few changes, such as machine stitching the marabou boas on rather than doing it by hand. I made a size 7 and I had to cut 8" off of the length and put in a couple of pleats in the front at the neckline. I forget how large the big 4 patterns tend to run....I usually avoid them. Don't know if the zipper in the back was truly needed......the marabou took away the stretchiness at the neckline. I imagine it would have worked without the zipper, but I decided to conform and use their instructions.
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beangirl said...

So cute! You are much more adventurous with costuming than I am and this is adorable. (I wish my DDs would be angels all year too, but no luck so far...)

Oh yeah, and re: making a tiered ruffle skirt- you could totally draft one yourself really easily! The wasitband is just a doubled-over length of stretch knit, cut to the child's waist measurement less about 2 inches for snugness. Then you just need to figure out how big to make the half-circle bands for the ruffles, but since you're an engineer I'm thinking drafting a circle to get a specific size circumference isn't a big issue. Just make the inner circumference of the band to be the same length as half your waist band (because you'll be sewing two bands together to form a whole circle). Then extend the ruffle length to whatever length you want the skirt and/or tier to be. Do two in differernt lengths to get a tiered effect. Super-easy! Well, it's much more super-easy than it sounds when you try to write it out without pictures.

Wait... you are an engineer, right? Sometimes I get my Judy's mixed up!

Marybeth said...


Tanya said...

So cute, I can hear harp music, I really can since I won one at the library lol. I would give her extra candy if she came to my door.

brian b. said...


She really is an Angel!