Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkins and projects!

Two girls in a sea of pumpkins! These photos are of the pumpkin patch at a farm close by, we go every year for activities and pumpkins! She found hers!
We were there with some friends....
The girls were so cute posing for their picture!
And on to projects! This is a close-up of the owl applique I put onto their t-shirts to wear with their leggings.... I made a shirt and leggings for both of the girls.
Here is the outfit. I wish I got them while they were wearing them.....instead I pulled them out of the dirty clothes to shoot a picture!
They looked super cute on them.....unfortunately, the pants I don't think are going to make it much longer without some work. The knit is pulling holes in it at the butt seam on both of the girls pants. I stitched them again inside of where they were pulling and they just pulled more. I was thinking that I could fuse some knit stablilizer to the seam.....if that doesn't work I guesss they get to go to the donation bin or garbage! I finally got my zipper last week. Remember how I had the perfect color and not the right length? I ordered up the right length, and decidedly got the wrong color! I don't know what I was thinking......I put it in anyway. My dh reminded me that it will be outgrown in a few months anyhow! Hmfph....
I like it still though. I will make this pattern again.
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Renee said...

I love that jacket! Beautiful fabric. I don't have that Jalie pattern, but I think I might need it. :) I love that they can work for both me and my daughters.