Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween and a project!

Happy Halloween!! I spent most of the day carving pumpkins! Here are a couple I did and a couple my dd's did: Here are 5 more - My older dd did the one on the right by herself and I did the others.....did I mention that I spent a lot of the day carving pumpkins??
Here is my sewing project that I finished up after carving the pumpkins and cleaning the mess and roasting pumpkin seeds......
These are the same pattern as the pink ones in the last post....Ottobre 6/2009-17 "neat beat" pants. I added the machine embroidery to the leg.
Here is a closer picture of the embroidery, it is from Embroidery Library:
Bad lighting shot....oh are the finished pants!
Have a haunting Halloween! And get an extra hour of sleep tonight!!!!
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Tanya said...

Those are super cute, love the embroidery and those are some awesome pumkins.

julia said...

Great pumpkins. Ummmm roasted pumpkin seeds! Those pants are adorable.

Marybeth said...

sounds like a perfect day!