Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Some Inspiration Please!

I don't know what I want to make. There I said it. Hmmmmm.
I have reading blogs for an hour now and I am still stumped. I have seen lots of great creations, but I am not inspired. I read the latest sew news magazine and I am still not inspired. I have sewn for my girls alot lately and not for me or dh, so maybe it is time for a switch. I am not sure what I need....or want right now. It is long sleeve shirt weather and I could use a new long sleeve black t-shirt. That would be a quick pick me up. A jalie 2005 with a round neck and long sleeves. That could work. I have some nice black siltex knit t-shirt material in my stash (thank you evil fabric queen!). My dh also saw the black knit and commented that he needed a black short sleeve shirt for under casual button up shirts. I don't have a pattern for that though....any recommendations?? I am laughing to myself, because I think I am the only one who reads this....once in awhile I have another viewer.....but only maybe one! :)
I was also thinking that I wanted to make dh a new button up shirt. I got this pattern from kwik sew (3484).
He also mentioned that he wanted some new boxers....I am not sure if I want to yet though! I did buy this pattern a while back however.....kwik sew 3298. Getting cool looking waistband elastic is a task though. There is one person on e-bay that has a yahoo group as well that sells some stuff, and that is about all I have found that I like!
Creepy looking picture! Oh well, I am getting tired so off for now. Maybe more inspiration will hit later!

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Dawn said...

I alwasy read your posts. I'm just a baaaad commenter. With that knit, I bet it would make outstanding boxers. The elastic, though, your're right. It's tough to find. I have some of that Siltex coming too. Ressy rocks.