Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Long sleeve black t-shirt

How boring.....but at least tonight I actually cut into some fabric!! I cut into my black siltex knit fabric! I am making Jalie 2805 (great t-shirt pattern, btw!) with a round neck and long sleeves. I seem to be deficient one in my closet! Although our weather this week has been in the 70's during the daytime....but I see rain in the forcast! My two dd have seemed to need me endlessly lately, which I love, but makes me tired by the time they finally go to sleep! Tonight I found the drive to stretch out the fabric and cut away. So, I have a project just waiting to be sewn! So, now what!!! I received my package from the evil fabric queen yesterday. I forgot what was coming, so it was exciting to open! I have been trying to cut back because my incoming was trumping my outgoing exponentially! I found 3 different fabrics and it took me awhile to remember what they were for, but finally I remembered they were to make some shirts for dh using the kwik sew pattern I have shown in my last post! I now am gaining fabric for him at a pretty good rate! Ha! I guess my idea of not buying so much for me is to start buying for him! Got to love the mind's rational! Anyhow, while I do enjoy seeing him wear his shirts, they require more time than most things I make. I find I am becoming an instant gratification sewer. I want to be able to cut it out one day and sew it up the next and be done. His shirts, take more time because I have to make sure that everything is perfect! He inspects the shirts for any possible flaws....HE NEVER DOES THIS WITH RTW CLOTHES!! What is the difference here, once someone thinks "home-made" they think low quality. I had to point out to him, that the last shirt I made was contructed better than his beloved Tommy Bahamas shirts! At least he wears the shirts I make for him often. I told him just think of them as custom tailored shirts like the rich and famous have made! :) So, I think I will have to dig out that pattern and set in.......after my quick and easy black t-shirt!

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Dawn said...

I love Jalie!! I have a EFQ Siltex package coming too.