Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kwik sew shirt started

So, I haven't actually done any sewing yet....but I did cut out the shirt for dh. I am using view B which is the one with the stripe down the side. The main shirt is a marroon fabric with a slight sheen to it with some stretch around the middle. The stripe is from a black fabric that has an ever so slight nap to it - almost suede like. I finished applying the interfacing - I used a woven weft-fusible, that has beautiful softness and drape. I got it online from fashion sewing supply. I am very happy with the interfacing I have received from them! I couldn't find anything close to this quality in my local fabric shops. I love the internet! Maybe tomorrow I will find some time to get some sewing in! First my shirt, then maybe get a start on dh's. My friend next door has some name embroidery requests too that I need to fit in! I really have been dying to sew, I just haven't had the time lately! My youngest dd has had a cold and been requiring much needed attention. Last night she woke up five different times crying and wanting water. The love of a mother is never ending!

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