Monday, February 16, 2009

still no sewing....

Well, I still haven't made it into the sewing room, but last week I cut out a couple of patterns. I cut out the kwik sew 3298 men's underwear and a simplicity accessories 5251...just the paper pattern, not material. We went skiing this weekend in Mammoth, so no sewing....but we had lots of fun in the snow!! Today, at 4:00pm it was 76F here in sunny san diego! Both of my dd's are growing out of their gymnastics suits that I made them!! I told my older dd that I would make her a new one this weekend. I have made 4 gymnastic suits using Jalie 2792 for them. I will use the same pattern. That means I have to trace off larger sizes for both of them before any cutting or sewing...Bummer! Sometimes, tracing seems such a drag! I only have one more roll of stp! I would probably make more bwof if I didn't have to trace! Oh well......the price to pay for the good patterns! My dh's shirt is still sitting cut out on my sewing machine. I downloaded the embroidery that I wanted to add to it into the machine already. I have to do a test run on the embroidery though to make sure it is what I want. I hope I get sewing soon!!!

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