Sunday, February 15, 2009

some sewing....none for me

Well, I got about 4 hours of sewing in yesterday. None of it was my stuff! I embroidered names on a couple of my off-road friend's fire suits. Then I mended a binding on a blanket for another friend....then a hemmed up some ski pants for that friend. So, after much time spent sewing (and ripping.....) I have no progress on the shirt for dh. My dh got me and our two girls godiva chocolates and a CUTE angel bear. We each had our own small box (that made the girls really happy!). Valentines was low key at home, we had a nice steak dinner with some good wine and chocolate for desert! We listened to music and the girls danced! I am getting much to old to fight the crowds for a dinner on the town on valentine's night! We had a great night!

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