Saturday, January 3, 2009

What did I make in 2008?

Well, I am going to have to think a minute about this.....I guess I should go backwards. For christmas presents I made 4 tops. Before that I made 4 pairs of pj pants, 4 gymnastic leotards. I made a swimsuit coverup, 5 swimsuits for me, 5 swimsuits for each of my 2 daughters. I made 2 buttonup shirts for my dh. I made each of my dd a nightie. I made them each a pair of knit capris with matching top. I made them each a fleece sweatshirt and one a matching fleece hat. I made them each a cute kitty print t-shirt. Two halloween costumes. I made my dh a pair of thermal top and bottoms. I made myself 2 pairs of capris and 1 pair of stretch pants. I made a knit shirt for a friend and one for my mom. I made myself probably about 10 knit shirts (I am too tired to count) and 1 woven shirt with collar. Okay, so the tally is: Knit shirts: 22 Woven shirts: 3 Pants: 5 Swimsuits: 15 Leotard: 4 Coverup: 1 Hat:1 Thermals (top/bottom set): 1 PJ/Nightie: 6 Costumes: 2 That makes a grand total of 60 items this year! Wow....that is more than I expected! I guess that tallies out to about 1 a week. On the embroidery side of things, I was a little slower this year: I embroidered custom baby bibs for friends having babies too ( I bought the bibs already made and added a design and the baby's name). I did 13 of those this year. I helped out a friend with a logo on a shirt. I did a little embroidery on one of the sweatshirts I made for dd. I did 4 towels for my downstairs bathroom with our family name and a design. My new sewing acquisitions this year were my babylock evolve wave (which I absolutely love, love, love!), and many feet for the machine. Oh yeah, and too much fabric! Have I already mentioned that I am going to actively try and reduce my fabric accumulation this year! I want to try and start to do reviews for the things I sew this year....time though.....time........ So, I have not sewn anything yet this year. But tonight I traced off the pattern for the fleece socks from jalie 2448 in 4 sizes. I hope to be making these soon. Very soon.

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