Monday, December 22, 2008

Projects done in time

Okay! I have finished my 3 jalie shirts and also finished ripping out the seams and adding back in the side panels on my mom's shirt. I also made some tags to hang on the clothing that say they are made by me! Nothing real fancy, and nothing sewn in....I actually am glad that manufacturers have moved away from the itchy tag in favor of printing on the inside of the fabric! I will get some pictures on xmas of the shirts, since I have already wrapped them all up! Mine isn't wrapped up, but I am too lazy at the moment to get the camera! :)
I got my new stash of fabrics from the evil fabric queen a few days ago. I refrained myself and only bought 4 new fabrics. I love them too!
I don't think I will be fitting anymore sewing in before christmas! My new year's resolution is to sew more than I buy! Only buy if it is something really special, or I have a need on a current project! Do you think I can do it?? My stash is growing exponentially!!!

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