Wednesday, December 17, 2008

xmas project progress

Well, I have finished the sweater/shirt for my mom......only to find out, that I didn't give enough extra for the non-stretch of this fabric. The final product turned out great.....but too tight! I am going to have to open up the side seams and add in probably a 2 1/2" strip of fabric. I am very disappointed by this! Live and learn!!!
I am working on the other 3 shirts at the same time since they all can use the same color thread in my serger! Yay! I love when stuff like that happens!! Those are about 1/2 completed. My goal is to knock those out tonight, then work on the fix of the other one. Also, friday is pajama day for the last day of school for my older daughter. She has the pajama bottoms I just made, but no shirt to go with it yet. Now, she does have about 15 pairs of pajamas/nighties....but I am not sure the majority of them are thick enough to wear in this weather (it is cold here now....high 40s/low 50s...yes that is cold for here I know that isn't cold for some of you!!)

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