Friday, December 12, 2008

Where is the time going?

I really thought it was only last week that I wrote here....can't believe it was thanksgiving! Where is the time going???
Update on the gymnastic suits (yes, I know I still need a picture!) - on Monday the coach came and asked me if I really made the suits and wanted to know if I would make some for her daughter. Nice compliment. I never feel like making stuff for other people though....they always offer to pay me, but I can't see that my time would be worth what they would pay. It would take me a minimum of 2 hours to complete the project plus the cost of supplies.....even if I charged $40 it doesn't seem worth it. I can do consulting work (I am an engineer) and make $60/hr.......(no supplies). Sewing is something I enjoy doing for me and my family and an occasional friend as a present. It is something special that no one can go buy. I am sure my fellow sewers feel the same way. I enjoy it because I am creating something that no one else has and I am making it the way I want it to be done - whether it is for me, my kids, husband or anyone else. I don't want everyone to have what I (or my daughters) have....... Okay, I am done ranting.
I am making pajamas for everyone. I have my husbands cut out finally. My older daughter's are almost done, just need hemming, my youngest and mine and seamed up, but the elastic and hem aren't in yet. Here is a picture of the is a flannel. I am making the bottoms out of this, and the top out of fleece.

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