Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Well, I am up and coffee has just finished brewing, I am starting to wake up. We are traveling to my inlaw's today for a great turkey day! The dd's are super excited to get to see gma and gpa! I made two pies (apple and pumpkin) and fresh cranberry sauce. I am getting hungry just thinking about it all! The leotards (did I mention I made 4...) turned out really cute! At class, I had a bunch of people comment on how cute they were (people I didn't even know...) and my friend asked where I bought them; to which I smiled proudly and told her I made them. It is always a compliment to my sewing ego when someone asks where I bought something! I still have the polar bear red flannel pants cut out in 3 sizes (still haven't made it over to pick up a pattern for dh's pair). I want to get dh's cut out and sew all 4 at the same time. I pulled out my jalie 2805 again to make a black long sleeve t-shirt for myself. I don't seem to have one in my closet. I also pulled out jalie 2448 thinking of making some fleece socks and maybe a pullover. I have some great purple power stretch fleece that would sew up nice for this pattern! Well, no more sewing dreams for now, I have to start getting everyone up and packing things for our dinner tonight!

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