Sunday, November 23, 2008


Well, I have two gymnastic suits cut out for both girls (Jalie 2792), I cut out my red polar bear flannel to make jammy pants for me and both of the girls. I still need to get a pattern for my dh's pair. There is a store close by that sells kwik sew patterns (cheaper than I can even find online, imagine that!), so maybe I will get over there later today to find a pattern for his pants! I finished a fleece sweatshirt and matching hat (light blue with a little darker light blue polka dots) for my littlest one and I finished a lavendar fleece sherpa sweatshirt that I embroidered the word "paris" on for my older dd. I used the jalie 2805 t-shirt pattern in long sleeve and just made them one size bigger than what I have for their t-shirts. They both turned out cute. I will have to get some pictures one of these days, because isn't that why we read others blogs! To see the cute pics of what we have sewn!

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