Saturday, June 13, 2009

Photo Shoot Jalie 2792

As promised, here are some pictures! I got my little dd into her suit for a photo shoot. Not the older one, but you get the gist since the suits are identical except for size! The only alteration I did to the suit was the back clasp. It called for a swimsuit hook and I used little eye hooks instead. Mostly because I had them and wanted to finish, but also because that area seemed wider than would fit a swimsuit hook, so I am not sure how that would have worked. I also custom fit the leg elastic because I have found that their leg elastic measurements tend to run small. As you can see my dd isn't very big and doesn't have very big legs, but the one time I used the elastic according to the pattern, both girls complained their suits were too tight. I actually increased her elastic measurement by an 1 1/2". I barely had to stretch it to fit the leg hole. Good fit though!

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Dawn said...

totally CUTE!!!

Tanya said...

Too adorable for words. What a cutie, you did a great job.

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

Totally cute, suit and the model. You did a great job!!!