Thursday, January 7, 2010

Done but no picture...

Well, I keep waiting to get a picture of the leggings (the new jalie pattern), but they keep getting into the laundry before I get a pic! I actually finished these up on New Year's Day. I made a pair for each of my dd's and a pair for me. It took me an hour to sew and hem up all three pairs! Very quick and very comfortable! I love my pair! I wouldn't wear them out of the house except under a skirt, but around the house, I put them on to exercise and to lounge or sleep in. The girls have worn theirs under long shirts and over their gymnastic suits. I am sure more of these are coming in the future! I should be getting my patterns for the American Girl today or tomorrow. I am kind of excited, because I am sort of at a stand still as to what to sew right now. I don't seem to be very inspired by very much. Not enough to actually trace out a pattern. I thought maybe searching in my stash would bring inspiration, but that didn't work out either. I want to be sewing, though. Hopefully, this will soon pass!

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