Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year's Eve!

So, I have this pattern in my pattern stash now. This is the next project up on deck. I picked a black polyester lycra material to make the leggings from. I have traced and cut out 3 sizes. I have one for each of my dd's and one for me. I am not sure where I would wear mine (I guess I need to make a casual skirt to wear leggings under.....). The girls, I figure they could wear theirs to gymnastics and under their skirts or shorts. It is a super simple pattern, I think I probably could have adapted this from another pattern, but as I write that I already know that is just more than I want to fool with, so the pattern is in my stash. Don't know if stirrups would ever come back into style?? (Honestly, I hope not!). While my legs need a lot of work to be seen in a mini that could be cute for the kids (with tights or leggings).
I probably won't get to this until Sunday at best. My mother is visiting and she is staying in the room where I sew, so no sewing until she leaves (which is sunday). Not that I am counting or anything! :)
I have been reading about how much fabric people have added to stash and removed from stash and I truly wonder where I fall in that category.....I am scared to add it up! I just know, that the area I keep my fabric in is getting more and more cramped! I have 2 big bins and 2 big boxes of fabric, plus a cupboard with some smaller bins of stuff that I don't like anymore (may be good stuff for American Girl clothes....), plus some overflow that won't fit into the bigger bins. I did categorize it somwhat into knits, wovens, swimwear (or gymnastic wear), and fleece, sweatshirting, t-shirting, & ribbing. The new stuff sits on the side waiting for room to fit in!
Well, I don't really have any sewing related goals. I enjoy sewing and try to do it as much as I can without neglecting my children or any of my other responsibilities. It makes me relax and feel really good. I enjoy creating things and people are always astonished when I tell them "I made that...". I don't know very many people who have ever sewn (besides my blog friends!) and they treat it like it is some sort of magical power that I posess. Anyhow, I really get a lot of personal satisfaction from sewing and I am really happy to have found this hobby! My dh bought me my first machine when our older dd was almost a year old. She is almost 7 now. So, I have been sewing for about 6 years. I attribute my sucess to getting a great first machine (Viking Platinum 770). I now have that machine, my brother innovis 1500D (which does embroidery also), and my Babylock Evolve wave (serger/coverstitch). I probably use my Babylock the most and the brother comes in second. I think the viking is a better machine than the brother, but the brother has more creature comforts I have become accustom to using. I would use all three if I had more room....I only have room for two machines to be set up at a time. I think I lost track of where I was going with this rant. Oh yeah, I love sewing! :) It is great to have found this sewing community! I learn so much from reading other's blogs and from pattern review. A few years ago, I didn't even know there was such a machine called a coverstitch machine and I had seen sergers, but thought those were embroidery machines! Ha! Now, I can't live without my Babylock! Well, I know everyone created loads of great stuff last year because I read it all! Keep up the great work, and keep blogging! Happy New Year!

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Marybeth said...

Happy New Year, Judy! I learn a lot from reading the blogs, too. And my husband got me a sewing machine when my 7 year old was a baby, so we've been sewing about the same amount of time! Looking forward to learning more in 2010!!!