Friday, December 4, 2009

More fabric for stash

Like I need anymore?? Oh well, sometimes I just can't resist. This is my latest shipment from the evil fabric queen at Fabrics & Notions. I got a whole load of knits. Most of these will end up pajamas/nighties for the kids. Yes, my kids have lots of sleep clothes! They love them, though and that is what makes sewing fun (and they are quick and easy to make!). The pink camo one may end up on me. The black is rayon poly blend bottom weight knit which will make some nice stretch pants for me and the girls. The blue one is a juicy couture print with juicy couture written on it in a gold metallic. The grey one is more of a furry raised ribknit, could be pants, could by a top, could be a jacket. Not that I seem to have even an iota of time to sew right now! I have all of my time planned until christmas! So, since I have no time to sew, I ordered more fabric online today! HA! When I run out of money (hopefully never), I will have fabric to sew with for years! :) So, what are you asking for that is sewing related for christmas? I asked for an invisible zipper foot (a whopping $13 purchase). I think I have everything else.....I can't think of anything else that I would like to have (beside apparently more fabric that I won't have time to sew with...). Is there some great tool or machine that I don't know about that I must have? Let me know so I can get it on my list! I have been very good this year! :)
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beangirl said...

last year I did the same thing, asked for a very inexpensive sewing tool (can't remember what now) and couldn't think of anything else. This year my poor husband was a bit startled when I told him I really want the $150 DVD from Threads. :-) Well, at least this year he can't complain that I never want anything!!

And I've decided you are a bad influence, now I have to go check out purchasing more knits.

Is there a 12-step program or something?

angie.a said...

There's no 12 step program. I've checked.


I don't really need anything either, but there are a couple of books I'd like to have. Since I'm the grown up around here (and the only gift buyer in residence) I should get what I ask for! ;)

judy said...

Sewing books is a good idea, seeing as I have none! Anyone have any recommendations??