Monday, December 28, 2009

Sewing Again!!

I can't believe my own eyes! I actually broke out of my rutt and found a couple of hours to fit in some sewing time! I picked a pattern that I had already tried before and knew that it would be easy. I spent half and hour cutting out these two nighties while playing games with my dd's. Then, while they watched G-Force, I sewed them up these two nighties! These are from Ottobre 6/2009. Yeah! I am so happy to have something sewing to put on my sewing blog!

I knew that they liked them, because they took off the jammies they were already wearing so they could wear their new nighties. They must have been comfy, because she fell alseep quick!

Well, one of them did anyhow!
Sewing related - I also purchased 6 new patterns! I purchased from because they had their simplicity patterns for $1.99 and their shipping rates aren't too bad. I just missed the Joann's simplicity pattern sale... Are you wondering what I bought? Well, I am not big on their patterns for things I would wear, but I have a little girl that I needed some patterns. An American Girl! My youngest dd got an American Girl doll for her birthday from her grandmother. She is taking very good care of her and after looking at the cute clothes in the catalog, I knew sewing was going to be the only way this girl was going to increase her closet! Their clothes (albeit very cute) are way to expensive!! They cost more than what I usually spend on my dd's clothes (or mine for that matter!)!! Anyhow, six patterns are on their way! I have left over of the teddy bear knit print I made dd's nighties from, so I can make her AG doll a matching nightie!
Other sewing related news, I received my new Jalie pattern! I had pre-ordered the new Jalie leggings pattern. I received it on Saturday after Christmas. I am excited to give it a try. I want to make the girls some leggings to go over their gymnastics suits (it is freezing in the gym) and that they could also wear everyday. I also kind of want a pair. :) I have some black stretchy material in my stash that would be perfect! I just need to find my dining room room table under all the christmas gifts to trace out my pattern....that is going to be the hard part!
Lastly, sewing related gifts! I received an invisible zipper foot and a binding foot for my sewing machine. Both I am eager to try out! Also, I received one of those huge boxes of madeira embroidery thread - you know the ones with every color thread? Really cool, and it comes with a disk of embroidery designs! Awesome! I had a great Christmas! We spent Christmas Eve with my sister's family and mother. Then came home and spent Christmas night at our house. Later Christmas afternoon, we drove to my in-laws house and had Christmas dinner and spent the night up there. Then back home the next day. Lots of running around, but, still enjoyable to be able to spend time with everyone! Hope you all have had a wonderful holiday!
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Tanya said...

Too cute, I love sewing pjs.

beangirl said...

Those nightgowns are so cute (the models are pretty cute too, as usual).

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

mermaids said...

be careful... doll sewing is highly addictive. :)