Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Done with the denim!

Here are the jeans! Done! I always forget how much longer it takes to do pants as opposed to shirts. So many pieces, so much topstitching, so many little details like belt loops, rivets, zippers, and buttons.
The good thing, she really likes them! She keeps bending over and meowing at people (yes, with her butt....). The one pocket has a kitty embroidered on it and the other pocket I used hot-fix crystals and made the word "Meow!". I meant for the pockets to be on the reverse "cheeks", but realized too late. Ce la vie!
The length is just right. The waist is actually a little big....I should have done the gaposis fix in the back. Oh well, they don't tend to fall down, and that is what is important. I wanted to give this pattern a try before I used up too much fabric making myself a pair. It was an easy pattern to follow. Sometimes, I was tempted to do my own thing, but I restrained myself and was very happy with all of the results exactly as written in the instructions. I didn't get a pictures of it, but I used a betty boop cotton for the insides of the front pockets. She really liked that!
I think they look rtw! That was the goal (and of course to have them fit......)! Happy Thanksgiving! I made my cranberry sauce and my apple pie tonight. We are off to have dinner with my in-laws tomorrow! I am looking forward to a wonderful day!
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beangirl said...

These look great! (And my daughters would both for sure walk around meowing with their butts). I totally agree with you about the deceptive time requirements for pants, especially jeans. I tend to not make them becuase they take just a wee little bit longer than my actual attention span (which granted, isn't very long).

I can't wait to see the grown up version of these too! And Happy Thanksgiving!

(And I think buttonhole elastic would take care of that back waistband gaposis problem on the next pair you do for her-- I'm a firm believer in the amazing power of buttonhole elastic!)

julia said...

I love that she bends over and meows with her backside. The jeans are great!!

Tanya said...

Too cute. Meow lol. You did a great job!

beangirl said...

Hi Judy (The Other Judy), I nominated you for the Honest Scrap Award. Check out the info on this blog page: