Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I finally did it!

I finally created a blog! I have no idea if I will actually keep it up, but it is a start. Let's just hope that this will motivate me to keep sewing, not the opposite! I am a blog reader of many blogs that inspire me to sew and buy more patterns and magazines, I hope that I can do the same for other fellow sewers out there! Once I realized that the sewing world consisted of more than the Big 4, I really started to enjoy sewing! First I fell in love with Kwik Sew, then I moved on to Jalie, now my new love is BWOF! I just subscribed and my first issue was August 2008. I made a pair of pants (128B), a dress/top for my daughter (135), and am now working on a blouse (129)! I have my next project already planned out from the September 2008 issue!

I have the pants and my daughter's dress finished. No photos taken yet....I am almost finished on the blouse! I have buttons to sew on and the buttonholes to rip, then viola!

Time for some sleep!

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