Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My February sewing!

It seems that I sew in spurts these days, with long periods of nothing in between! I sewed two tnt nighties from Ottobre 6/2009 - 17. These are going together super quickly now that I have made them a few times. The girls love their nighties! I used knit interlock from stash. The little ones has purple unicorns and the older ones had little puppy faces. Cute prints I got from the evil fabric queen.
Such a poser!
Here is a little fleece hat that I made up. I used simplicity 4311, I have had it in stash for quite awhile so it is probably oop by now. Anyhow, it was pretty simple. I found my head circumference in between the medium and large (I think this is a teenager pattern), so I made the large. It was too big (puffy looking) so I just took about an inch deeper seam where the circle top and band around the head meet. I like it now....my little one is my photographer!

Lastly, I found some time to squeak in a shirt for my dh. I made the purple t-shirt under the top shirt. I actually made the top one too, but that was about a year or so ago. He thinks he is funny posing dorky, maybe just dorky.....
Here he is with just the t-shirt. It was made from a knit that is brushed on one side and super soft. I put that on the inside of the shirt. I used Kwik Sew 3299. Another pattern I have had in stash for awhile. There are a few things I would change on that pattern. Number 1, I think the neckband is too wide, I think I would cut it close to in half. The other thing is the neck opening is a little larger than dh's favorite t-shirts, so I would make the neck opening shallower. The other thing he requested is that the body length be a couple of inches longer. I could have made the sleeves a tad shorter, but the shirt was a surprise (he was out of town), so I didn't get his arm to measure!
Well, that is all folks! I am not sure how much sewing I am going to get in the next few weeks....I have my plate full of stuff to do! I am selling a house, my dh's bday is friday, my dd's bday is in march and needs planning, I have my taxes to do, and taxes from a deceased relative to take care of. Plus normal day to day stuff. I may just need to sew to stay sane! :) Take care everyone!
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beangirl said...

cute nighties as always and that shirt is great too! Very nice! I think you got a lot done this month.

Good luck with the house-selling and taxes etc. I know that can be quite overwhelming to deal with.

julia said...

Great sewing has been done at your house this month!!