Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fashion for the AG!

Well, someone got something sewn for them! She got a little dress. She got some jeans too, but dd didn't want to take the dress off of her, so you just get the pictures of the dress! :) It was a pretty simple little pattern. I believe it is simplicity 7083, view H. I can't be bothered at the moment to run upstairs to find out what the pattern envelope says.....
The neckline is gathered with some elastic, I attached some ribbon around the sleeves and bottom edge. I wish now I had chosen the white ribbon I had, instead of the contrasting blue, but oh well, she hasn't complained!
So, I got the house I am selling into escrow! My agent put it on the market thursday morning last week and by monday I had 5 offers! Yay, that went easy! I met with the tax accountant yesterday, so that is done, yay! With those things off my chest, I felt I could get a little bit of sewing in without feeling too guilty! Next up, I am going to try another version of the t-shirt I made dh, with the changes he requested. I think this one will have to be short sleeve, though, I only have one yard! Chat with you later! :)
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julia said...

cute little doll dress. If I get my grands Easter outfits finished in time, I will make AG dresses to match theirs.