Thursday, March 4, 2010

I've been planning.....

Do you ever have this great urge to be sewing and don't have the perfect project?? The other day, I decided to cut out my dh a t-shirt in an olive green siltex interlock knit that I had in stash. I felt I was being good finding a project for a piece of fabric in my stash and not succumbing to purchasing more fabric. I had 1 yard. After cutting the front and back, I really didn't have enough for the arms and neckband as drafted. So, I decided to piece together the sleeve adding the seam in as a design element and figured I could bind the neckline and use two pieces to form the neckband to bind the front then the back separately. Dilemma solved......except, I don't have olive green serger thread, so I ordered that today and am waiting for it to arrive!
Then, I got to reading a post by kathi on her raincoat and absolutely loved it! I had been looking for some laminated fabric to make this raincoat for my youngest dd and well, I found it!

I found some lining from the same Amy Butler line, here is the laminated fabric for the raincoat (same as Kathi's):

And the lining:

Did I mention that I found all of this great stuff at Yeah, and I used a 20% coupon and added a couple of other things to reach $35 to get the free shipping! Score! (Although, that is not what my dh calls it when he pays all of my fabric bills.....). So, the only part left to that project that I needed was a zipper, so off to zipperstop for my plastic separating ykk zipper. If you have never shopped zippers from them, you should check it out. I have always been happy! I even received a notice about an hour later that it was already shipped!! Now that is service! So, in a couple of weeks, my dd should have a great raincoat (and all the rain will be done here in sunny sun diego........). So did I mention I bought a couple of other fabrics at Here they are:

I bought these because I was thinking of a cute skirt for dd. I had this pattern in mind, so, of course, I had to go and buy it as well:

I actually had a hard time finding this pattern! I finally found it here at this site.

Oh yeah, and I got a package today with fabric in it!! It was from Chez Ami! I purchased these fabrics from their clearance sale they had for $3/yd (2 yard minimum). These two are swimsuit fabrics for the girls (and maybe me):

And this microfiber fabric, I thought I would make into board shorts or capris for the girls (they are cute little crabs):
And then to top it off, I bought some tommy bahama shirting from the evil fabric queen last week!! So much for not adding to my stash! Oh well, that is the fun of having sewing for a hobby! :)
Now I am off to get a weekend of skiing in!! (Bet you thought I was going to sew this weekend, huh??) :)

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Julia said...

You are going to be busy. I love that raincoat fabric!!