Monday, March 29, 2010

Twirly girl

Here is my other sewing gem for the weekend. After completing the first Studio Tantrum - Redondo skirt, I was excited to make another. Here it is! This time I used two batik fabrics left over from a project long ago. (I almost completely used up these fabrics, just a couple of scraps big enough to make her American Girl doll a pull on elastic skirt...a project yet to come.) . We have lots of purple t-shirts, so I didn't make a coordinating top (although, the original project for this fabric was a top for her older sister which probably fits her by now...). I got a couple of twirly shots this time!
So, I received a bunch of goodies in the mail yesterday! I had ordered some patterns for the girls (and some fabric to make those patterns....). I'll show you those soon, I promise!! Gotta go, I am being beckoned by her majesty!!
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Heather said...

Oh! I love those twirly pics! So cute!