Monday, March 29, 2010

Another swimsuit!

Here is the other swimsuit that I finished this weekend. I got my older dd to wear it and run in the sprinklers! We are having beautiful weather right now! This is a Kwik Sew pattern. It is a tankini, and I made it in a size 7.

I only did a couple of alterations to the pattern. I added the ruffle at the top edge to the bottoms. I lined the top front and lettuce edged the bottom hemline (I used wooly nylon in the serger top and bottom loopers and regular serger thread in the needle). I also fully lined the bottoms. I added an inch to the waistline of the bottoms and the top bottom edge. She isn't petite like her sister. In fact, I think in a few years she'll be taller than I am!!! :)

She got into posing for the camera:

I finished another project over the weekend, but that will have to wait until the next post! Gotta love the nice weather when all the kids want to play outside!
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Tanya said...

Too cute.

Marybeth said...

How adorable... the ruffle on the bottom really makes it :))) Have fun!

Julia said...

I love them both!!!

beangirl said...

I love both of these! Every year I say I'm going to make bathingsuits and every year I give up. The one time I did make one, it didn't look ANYthing like these cute things.