Friday, March 12, 2010

Got my stuff

So, I received many packages this week!! I received my raincoat fabric and lining. I got my zipper for the raincoat. I got my studio tantrum pattern. With my raincoat material I got the fabric for my studio tantrum skirt. I received the olive green serger thread to sew up the t-shirt I cut out for my dh a while ago. I received the stuff my dd's bday (that is tomorrow!!). For my dd's bday, I decided to buy ponies (it is a horse theme party) to stuff and little t-shirts for the ponies which the girls can decorate with iron-ons. I got them from here. I ordered the little t-shirts from them (for $1.50/t-shirt I couldn't possibly be bothered to make 20 of them!). What I did do this week, was dye the little t-shirts so they looked cuter. I made some pink, some purple, and some denim blue (there will be a few boys at her party). They turned out really cute! I had never dyed anything before and was surprised how easy it was with nice results. I printed up lots of stuff onto iron-on transfer paper and cut them all out so the kids could pick what they wanted to iron-on to the shirts. I will post pictures after the party tomorrow to show you how they turn out. BTW, the horse stuffed animals I received are completely cute and good quality (for $5/horse), they come with a birth certificate and a little foam heart to put inside the pony. It is hard to believe how inexpensively some things can be made?? Unlike my dd's upcoming raincoat which cost me $40 in materials alone! Go figure! Hope everyone has a great weekend! I hope to get sewing on Sunday!!!

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