Sunday, March 21, 2010

My promised pictures!

Here are the pictures of my dd in her studio tantrum skirt. She thought she looked fancy and loved her skirt! She wasn't all that interested in posing for pictures, though and so, these aren't the greatest!

She was telling me, "lets go already mom"!!

The rest of my day today was spent hemming a pair of rolled cuff slacks for my dh. Can I just say, that was a pain in the a$$!! I had to unpick the tacks then unpick the blindhem. Cut off necessary adjustment. Iron in new hem. Sew in blindhem. Iron in rolled up cuff. Sew in tack on the cuff. It took me an hour and a half!! Blah! Now I know why I just walk on my pants and never hem anything I buy in the store! :) Hope you all had more good sewing adventures this weekend!!
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Julia said...

The skirt is adorable, but your daughter is even more so!!!!

beangirl said...

I loathe hemming. I just bought an extra pair of high heels to wear with my new jeans because my jeans are too long.

Yes. THAT is why I had to buy an extra pair of shoes. Really.

This is a very cute skirt and she does look fancy!

Tanya said...

Too cute.