Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pink Fig

Here is the skirt I have been working on the last couple of days. The pattern is from a company called Pink Fig (you can find the owner's blog in my blog roll under vintage chic). The pattern is called the Nie Nie skirt. This skirt is all about the ruffles! Ruffles and loads of them. I was actually very surprised how much fabric it took to make this skirt. I actually left off the last row of ruffles because I ran out of my black fabric. (This is a great stash buster pattern.....). I used up close to 4 yards of stash fabric on this skirt! I barely got some photos....she said she loved the skirt, pulled it on over her shorts, let me take a few photos, then took it off. No lingering in this skirt.....I guess I was keeping her from playing with her friends!

Here she was doing a few twirls for me. This was the only clear photo I got.....

One last standing up photo to show the length of the skirt. I want to make a top to go with it. I am thinking about a black t-shirt with a pink flower (or something??) applique out of the pink fabric. Would that be overkill? She has a few black tees she can use in the mean time.
Happy sewing to all of you!!!
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