Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sping Blooms

I got my camera out and took some photos in the yard a couple of days ago. Spring is really a great time of year! I love all the flowers and new growth. Only a couple of my rose bushes have roses opening, another couple of weeks and I'll be loaded! Here is some new growth on one of my grape vines. The grape leaf is one of the most beautiful leaves and I love their little wispy vines!
A snapdragon that grew up from seed where I had some planted last year....
Orchids are always amazing...
The freesia not only add remarkable color, but their smell is heavenly!
My first red rose of the season! Classic beauty!
Thanks for taking a walk around my garden with me! I have a project on the sewing machine. Maybe tomorrow I can show you the finished product! It is more work than I anticipated.....lots of fabric yardage in a skirt for a girl (over 3 yards!)....think ruffles!
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