Monday, May 10, 2010

Easy Shorts

These simple shorts are from BWOF. They are April 2009 - 140. They are just 4 pieces and an elastic waistband, not much to them. I added a stripe of velvet ribbon down the sides and at the back (for identifying front from back). I had these traced out in a size 110 (probably did that last summer) so that is the size I made. She would really fall into the 122 -128 sizing, but since I was making them out of knit instead of a woven, I figured they would work and they did!
They will be just a pair of play shorts. I made myself a pair too! I didn't put the stripe down the side on mine.
For mine, I was turning a old pattern of lounge pajama pants into a casual knit short pattern. I always have issues with the rise on pants, so I cut out 3 inches in the rise of the front and back pieces. It was a little too much. I can still wear them, but they fall lower than I want. I need to raise the front an inch and the back 2 inches. I will make those changes and try again in a black knit. Simple shorts for doing yard work or wearing to the beach, or working out in (on occasion I add that to my reportoire of things I do...). So, I received a package of more fabric and few patterns from Heather Bailey's line. Some more cute designer cotton coordinating fabrics and a couple of pincusion (stuffed animal) patterns and a bag (and wallet) pattern. Not sure what I feel like sewing next. I will have to surprise you!
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