Monday, May 3, 2010

ModKid Ava Top

I have been on a kick lately involving designer cotton coordinating fabrics. These particular fabrics in this blouse are from Jennifer Paganelli. The pattern for this top below is ModKid - Ava. This is the first ModKid pattern that I have tried and I am pretty impressed with the pattern instructions and the pattern design quality.
This is a cute little summer top. There is a little elastic waist skirt included in the pattern, but I think I will have my dd wear pink or black leggings/shorts or jeans with this top. It is pretty blousy, so with a blousy skirt...there is no form. I really like this top, though. It has cute little pintucks that run vertically in the bodice and then more in the underskirt layer of the top running horizontally (pretty hard to tell in these pictures....).

Here is a picture on the model. She just came in from running in the hose and was all wet and needed to change, so I got a quick photo as she changed clothes!

Here is the back side. It is elastic along the top backside. She is wearing another skirt under the striped layer (not a part of the top....). I am going to try and get her to wear it with something that looks better and get another photo.

I am currently working on one for my younger dd as well in completely different colors. Stay tuned!
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michal said...

it is so cute! I love the fabric combination. Glad you say the instructions are good, as I recently ordered a ModKid pattern too...