Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's in the Bag!

The bbq that is! Well, the bag is done....the bbq is sitting up on a shelf waiting to be put in the bag by statue would require a ladder to get it and I am just not feeling up to it right now! Maybe later I will struggle it down off the shelf and into the bag for a photo session. When I pulled out the strapping that I had purchased online, I saw that it was too short!!! So, this morning after I dropped my older dd at school, I took my younger dd to our upholstery store to get some more strapping. Thankfully they had acceptable colors in the width I wanted! Decent price too, so I bought lots extra. I am one of those people that likes to have everything on hand for when I feel a fancy to do a project. I detest having to get supplies just to start a project. I have a hundred cones of serger thread (at least 4 cones of each color in 25 colors), probably 60 spools of sewing thread, at least a hundred spools of embroidery thread, a hundred needles in all differing specialties, zippers galore, buttons galore, elastic galore, I am getting tired and forgetting the purpose of my rant.....anyhow, I am adding more to my stash of something I may or may not use in the forseeable future. Time to get the finishing touches on dinner....more later!

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window dressing said...

I know what you mean.... I have so many different colored ribbons (for decorating), different colored spools of thread and another million pieces of notions and when I sit down for a specific project I can't find the exact item (I know I have purchased) anywhere.