Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What's next .... a vinyl bag ala dh!

Okay, I guess it is time once again to sew for my dearest dh! This time he wants a bag to hold the portable bbq so he can put it in the new boat with out getting the boat dirty. I bought some vinyl that matches the vinyl in the boat and a looong separating zipper, and some strapping for handles. I measured up the bbq (38" x 10"x 18") and drafted up a pattern for it. I cut out the vinyl and hope to start that project tomorrow! (Maybe late tonight). Dh has been on a work trip for 1 1/2 weeks and is coming home on Saturday, so he will be pleasantly surprised! The boat's maiden voyage is memorial weekend, so my time to get this done is running out!
What do I want to be working on? I just received my Jalie stretch jeans pattern! I really would like to try this out....my denim isn't stretch so I will need to pay attention to sizing. I would love
to be able to make my youngest dd some jeans that actually fit around her waist and are the right length. She is so tiny, many pants (a size smaller even) won't stay up!
I am excited to try this pattern after making my last pair of jeans. I had some problems with the denim fraying at the seam (even with the edges serged and the seams topstitched) on the last pair and had to do some surgery on them. They came through fine, thankfully. This time though, I am going to do the seams like rtw pants where the edges are wrapped....probably why rtw pants are made that way!

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