Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another addition to the outfit!

This is Ottobre 04-2009-22 and it is a reversible skirt for girls. This is made with the same materials as the previous shirt and leggings and is made to coordinate with those items. In this first view I have the skirt all periwinkle with a ribbon hand sewn (ugghhh..) onto the skirt to hem band seam. Here is a close-up of the black petersham ribbon that I sewed on to cover up the seam between the skirt portion and the hem band. Have I mentioned how much I hate hand sewing? It took me over an hour to hand sew this on. I didn't have a choice though, because I didn't want the stitching to show on the reverse side, being a reversible skirt and all.....
Here is the reverse side of the skirt. On this side I incorporated the stripes. I love these stripes!
Here is the hem band/skirt portion on this side. I just topstitched close to the seam.
Here is a fun picture of the skirt becoming a hat! She loved the skirt and the fact that it is reversible, so overall this was a success! Yay!
Gotta love a happy kid!
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Tanya said...

Yeah, you just gotta. Too cute, love it as a hat lol.

Marybeth said...

How cute!!! I love anything reversible - plus it looks like she'll use it as a hat too!