Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ottobre 4/2009 - 23 Girl's Pants

Here is my latest sewing! I made up a pair of stretch pants for my dd. These are from Ottobre 4/2009 - 23. I especially like the pintucking on the legs! There are 11 rows of pin tucking on each leg.
Here is a close-up of the pin tucking. I used the pin tuck foot on my sewing machine with a twin needle to do this. I followed the grooves in my pin tuck foot instead of the lines on the pattern for the spacing. This made getting the rows spaced evenly very easy. This is a bamboo/lycra material that I got from Fabrics & Notions coop group. The color is a periwinkle. My dd tried them on and loved them. Of course I didn't have a picture of them on her!! I need to make a top to go with them. There are some more patterns from Ottobre 4/2009 that I want to make for the girls and there are some t-shirt patterns that would go with these. I was thinking of using a black and white stripe cotton/lycra and incorporating some this material to have something that coordinates.
I also included a little loop on the back out of some stetch cording so she knows which side is front and which side is back! Don't look too closely, I had some issues with the chain stitching on my coverstitch skipping stitches and ended up throwing it on the sewing machine to stitch down the waistband in a few areas! (Normally, my waistbands look much cleaner!)
Here is the rest of my latest fabric acquisitions from fabric & notions coop:
The farthest left is a navy corduroy with a little stretch in it, then there is a black, burgundy, yellow and white high tech outdoor materials (think ski jackets/pants), and last is a rayon batik which is an olive base color with purples and greens in the flowers. The corduroy will be pants/skirts for the girls, the high tech stuff is for jackets/pants, and the batik will most likely be for me (I have no idea for what though!).
I am off to trace some patterns!
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Tanya said...

Very cute pants, love the pin tucks, you did a great job.

Marybeth said...

They are really cute! What is fabric and notions co-op?

judy said...

Fabrics & Notions is a yahoo group that is a fabric coop. Basically, the owner of the group posts fabrics, you put in an order, pay her, then once a month she ships out everything you have purchased. Her prices are good. She isn't in it to get rich, just to be able to purchase fabrics that wouldn't normally be made available to the average home seamstress. I buy most of my fabric there because I think she offers quality fabric at very reasonable prices. The other thing I like is that you are dealing with a real person not a store. Anyhow, anyone can join. Here is the link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FabricsAndNotions/

My only warning is that you will find yourself buying more than you could ever possibly sew!! :) Maybe that is just me!

Marybeth said...

Hi, Judy! Thanks for the info on the fabric co-op - I will definitely check it out!!! Talk to you soon!