Saturday, September 26, 2009

Show me thar booty!

Once again I have made gymnastic suits. This time I modified the pattern a little bit to make a cap sleeve. The pattern has instructions for no sleeve, 3/4 sleeve and full sleeve. It is still too hot for longer sleeves, and the girls complain about the elastic at the armholes on the sleeveless option. Solution: cap sleeve. I just shortened the pattern for the longer sleeves. One thing that I did different on this go around was to use clear elastic as opposed to the regular elastic. I had never used clear elastic before so this was a little bit of a learning process. It was pretty easy to work with even though I had read some posts that suggested otherwise. It acts pretty much like regular elastic. I did prestretch it (I had read that and the instructions on the package said to also). I sewed it in round and put it in with pinning in quarters and stretching as sewing. The one thing that I did like was that due to its being thinner, it lays flatter and has less tendency to turn out.
Can you see the skull and crossbones in red on the stripes?? Click on the picture to make it bigger.
I made this one and one for my older dd....she is off playing today, so she hasn't seen hers yet. This is one pattern that has definitely been worth the money! This makes gymnastic suits #11 and #12! Let's see here....$12 for the pattern...makes $1 per suit plus .50 in elastic for both, about $2 total in fabric (including the 2 hair scrunchies), makes $2.25 per suit and hair scrunchy! A bargain at twice the price! Have I mentioned that the suits at the gymnastics place cost $40 - $55 per suit (with a hair scrunchy).
And....I always get people asking me where I buy mine! :)
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Tanya said...

Just adorable. Love the suits, I'm sure they perform better wearing them.