Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another reversible outfit!

Here are Ottobre 04-2009-6 and 04-2009-9. These are a reversible hooded top and a skirt. I used some of my hilco fabric for these...

Here is a closer up of the hooded section (and a cute little face inside):

Here is the topstitching of the hem on the stripe side, the reverse side shows the coverstitch portion:

Reverse side of topstitching on reverse side of the top. The striped side is just wrapped around the printed side and their are top stitched together in one step.

Here is the binding of the hood:

Here is the reverse side of the binding:

Here is a look at the skirt portion, it is super simple. There was supposed to be just one seam in the skirt, but I didn't have a long enough piece of fabric, so I made a two seams, one on each side. There is a ribbing piece for the waistband, no elastic, just one seam in the center backside.
Here is a view of the hem, I used my 5/8" downfeller on my coverstitch:
No pinning, no measuring, no trimming.....having the right tools can really save time!
All in all, it was a pretty easy project! Two outfits with the reversible top and yet another happy girl!
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Tanya said...

That is soooooo cute. She looks adorable, great job!

Ruth said...

This outfit is sooooo cute! Thanks for showing all the pictures. I have a downfeller for my machine but have never used it.

Ruth said...

Lol, I just realized that I wrote almost the same thing as Tanya, and I didn't know it. Funny.