Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hair Scrunchy Tutorial

Have you ever wondered what to do with all of your fabric scraps?? Hair scrunchies!!! Here is a quick tutorial of how I make a hair scrunchy. This is my own made up method, so go ahead and use it, no copyright laws!! :)

I start by purchasing black hair bands (about 2" diameter...I get mine at Target) for the elastic part of the scrunchy. Then I cut 2' by 4" strips of fabric for the scrunchy. I make this completely on the serger, but I am sure this would work on a sewing machine as well. I then sew the fabric short sides right sides together so the fabric is in a circle. I put the hair band in between the wrong sides and fold over so wrong sides are facing and start serging the edges with a rolled hem all the way around adjusting the fabric around the hair band until the hair scrunchy is completed. You can click on the pictures to enlarge and see the edges of the hair scrunchy.

I hope you make lots!!!

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Susan said...

Found your profile from PR - you are the featured member! I'm in San Diego, too.

Thanks for the great tutorial. I'll have to try my hand at that scrunchy.

judy said...

Susan - That was a surprise to see that I was the featured member! If you hadn't told me, I may not have even noticed!

beangirl said...

Love this little tutorial! I always think "what a waste to throw away those scraps" and now DD's hair is getting long enough for a scrunchie. Perfect! I'm going to make some today. Thanks!