Sunday, March 1, 2009

BWOF 11-2008-124

I have been eyeing this pattern since I saw it last November. I loved Dawn's version of it....but I was holding off because I knew I would not only have to trace but also have to grade up which I have never done before! I figured I would need a size 48, and this pattern went to 44, so I needed to grade 2 sizes.....except when you jump up to a size 48 from 46 the jump is bigger than the jump from 42 to 44, almost double the jump in bust inches. So, I decided to grade 3 sizes from the pattern to compensate. So I traced the 44 then moved it down to the 38 line and retraced the 44 in essence gaining 3 sizes. We'll see how this works, because some pieces this seemed sort of iffy on and I just kind of eyeballed it.
I finished the tracing and am about to cut it out then I have a sherpa fleece in mind for it!

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