Monday, March 23, 2009

Some sewing...some reading!

I was excited today to get my april bwof in the mail!! I don't normally get it until the first of the month, so this was a whole week early! There are a few things in it that interest me. I haven't looked at the line drawings yet....but I think I can still see a couple of things that I might just have to make! I am finding myself torn about what to make. Even though I live in sunny san diego, our mornings and evenings are still enough to wear jackets and sweatshirts. So I am a little torn at whether to sew something cozy and warm or to venture into spring and short sleeves! Anyhow, I am finally getting to work on bwof 11-2008-124, the cozy sweatshirt! I was making good progress until I noticed an area in front that isn't quite even, so I will be doing some measuring to see where the discrepanies are and if I need to seam rip or if I can do some trimming....I am hoping for minimal seam ripping because the sherpa doesn't like it at all!! I had never put eyelets in before and had some issues with those stupid things...after four of them....I finally realized that I forgot to interface the area and so they were ripping out of the fabric. I ripped them out, triple interfaced, them punched them through and pressed them in. Wa...La! I was also having some issues with my coverstitching....while I have done extensive amounts of coverstitch hems, I have not used the chain stitch feature very much. Also, I don't typically use topstitching thread for coverstitching ...I just use serger, I had to tweak around the needles and settings, and use a net for the topstitch thread, then I got acceptable results. I don't know if the chain stitch is any stretchier than using a straight stitch on my sewing machine.....Oh well. I topstitched the seams on my sewing machine after messing around so much with the chainstitching. Hopefully I finish it up tomorrow! We are going skiing on Wednesday and it would be nice to have a new sweatshirt!

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